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Padma Lakshmi
Recipes: 'Shroom Soup & Lemon Achar

Recipes: 'Shroom Soup & Lemon Achar

One to enjoy for now and one for summer

Happy New Year, Substackers!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, restful holiday. I want to kick off the new year reading you two recipes from my cookbook Tangy Tart Hot & Sweet.

One is a deeply savory, brothy mushroom soup that’s so comforting during winter months. This recipe isn’t vegetarian or vegan, but I made sure to include some substitutions so it easily can be!

The second is one of my favorites: Lemon Pickle or Lemon Achar. I accidentally said “lime” once in the message (whoops!).

Littlehands and her mushroom masterpiece!

In honor of glorious mushrooms, here’s a photo of Littlehands as she proudly displays a mushroom sculpture she made out of hot glue. She said it took her five (!) hours to make!!

Hope you enjoy these recipes! Please let me know if you try them out.

A Rustic and Wild Mushroom Soup

Lemon Pickle

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