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Padma Lakshmi
End of Year Musings (So long, 2021!)

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End of Year Musings (So long, 2021!)

An essay on Christmas ramen, crackling roast pork, and sweet solitude

Hi Substackers!

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for joining my little community here, listening to my ramblings, and for all the support. It really means so much to have built this here with all of you!!

To my paid subscribers, below I shared an essay just for you with some musings about the end of the year, reveling in aloneness, and ode to my family’s Christmas ramen tradition (All thanks to Sun Noodles!!). Also, later this week you’ll get a special sneak peek of an audio project I’m working on - stay tuned!

I look forward to sharing more with all my Substackers and wish everyone the best in 2022! Please let me know what you want more of (or less of!) in the comments below.

Happy New Year, everyone!!

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