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Padma Lakshmi
Curl Up With a Cup of...

Curl Up With a Cup of...

Two recipes perfect for sipping on a wintery night

Happy Winter Solstice, Substackers!

I always crave warm, comforting dishes during this time of year. And especially today on the first day of winter I wanted to read you two of my favorites full of warming spices from my cookbook Tangy Tart Hot & Sweet:

Curried Butternut Squash Soup

Homemade Masala Chai

I hope you make these recipes! Pour yourself a big mug or bowl and curl up on the couch under a cozy blanket.

Hope everyone has a safe, happy holiday weekend, too!

Two More Wintery Recipes

A while back I shared cooking videos for these dishes on my Instagram and I wanted to share them with you here! They’re both so hearty and satiating.

Hope you try them:

  • Chicken a la Nueces de la India - I LOVE this dish. It has luscious, rich, buttery cashew sauce and is easily made vegan if you swap chicken for big Portobello mushroom caps.

  • Merguez Sausage with Fennel and Couscous - This dish is so easy to do! It is a one pot deal inspired by my first trip to Morocco and all the incredible spices I tried there, like harissa, that’s sure to warm you up.

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